Top 10 Gift Cards in Colombia

Top 10 Gift Cards in Colombia

Gift cards have become a versatile and convenient option for gift-giving, offering recipients the freedom to choose exactly what they want. In Colombia, the popularity of gift cards has soared, making them an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Here’s a detailed guide to the top 10 gift cards in Colombia that cater to a wide range of interests and preferences.

Top 10 Gift Cards in Colombia

Falabella Gift Card

Falabella is one of the largest retail chains in Latin America, offering a vast array of products from clothing and accessories to electronics and home goods. A Falabella gift card is perfect for anyone who enjoys shopping for high-quality products.


  • Redeemable both online and in-store.
  • Wide range of products.
  • Available in various denominations.

Éxito Gift Card

Éxito is another major retailer in Colombia, known for its extensive selection of groceries, electronics, clothing, and household items. An Éxito gift card is versatile and practical, making it a popular choice.


  • Usable at Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax, and Super Inter stores.
  • Can be used for a wide variety of products.
  • Convenient for everyday shopping needs.

Rappi Gift Card

Rappi is a leading delivery service in Latin America, offering everything from food and groceries to pharmaceuticals and electronics. A Rappi gift card is ideal for those who value convenience and speed.


  • Applicable to a wide range of services and products.
  • Perfect for busy individuals.
  • Easy to purchase and redeem online.

Cine Colombia Gift Card

For movie enthusiasts, a Cine Colombia gift card is a fantastic choice. Cine Colombia is the largest chain of movie theaters in the country, providing a top-notch cinematic experience.


  • Can be used to purchase movie tickets and concessions.
  • Accepted at all Cine Colombia locations.
  • Great for family and friends who enjoy films.

Spotify Gift Card

Music lovers will appreciate a Spotify gift card, which gives them access to millions of songs and podcasts. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services globally, and Colombia is no exception.


  • Access to ad-free music and exclusive content.
  • Usable for Spotify Premium subscriptions.
  • Ideal for music enthusiasts and podcast listeners.

Netflix Gift Card

A Netflix gift card is perfect for anyone who enjoys binge-watching TV shows and movies. Netflix offers a vast library of content, including original series and films that cater to diverse tastes.


  • Can be used for Netflix subscriptions.
  • No credit card required for activation.
  • Suitable for all ages.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a global e-commerce giant, and its gift cards are incredibly versatile. With an Amazon gift card, recipients can purchase a wide range of products, from books and electronics to clothing and home goods.


  • Usable on and its regional sites.
  • Wide selection of products.
  • Easy to purchase and redeem.

Apple Gift Card

For tech enthusiasts and Apple product users, an Apple gift card is an excellent choice. It can be used to purchase apps, games, music, movies, iCloud storage, and more from the Apple Store.


  • Redeemable on the Apple Store, App Store, and iTunes.
  • Ideal for purchasing Apple products and services.
  • Suitable for all Apple device users.

Uber Gift Card

An Uber gift card is perfect for those who frequently use ride-sharing services. It’s a convenient option for commuting, traveling, or simply getting around town.


– Usable for Uber rides and UberEats deliveries.

– Perfect for travelers and commuters.

– Easy to purchase and redeem.

iFood Gift Card

iFood is a leading food delivery service in Colombia, offering a wide range of cuisines from various restaurants. An iFood gift card is great for foodies who enjoy exploring different culinary delights.


  • Access to numerous restaurants and food options.
  • Convenient for ordering food from home.
  • Simple to use and redeem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How can I purchase these gift cards?

Most of these gift cards can be purchased online through their respective websites or through major retail outlets. Some, like Rappi and iFood, offer the option to buy directly from their apps.

Question 2: Are these gift cards available in different denominations?

Yes, most gift cards come in various denominations, allowing you to choose the amount that best suits your budget and the recipient’s needs.

Question 3: Can these gift cards be used online?

Many of these gift cards, such as those from Falabella, Éxito, Amazon, and Apple, can be used for online purchases. Always check the terms and conditions for each card.

Question 4: Do these gift cards expire?

Expiration policies vary by card. Some gift cards do not expire, while others may have a set validity period. It’s important to check the expiration date when purchasing.

Question 5: Are there any fees associated with using these gift cards?

Generally, there are no additional fees for using gift cards. However, it’s advisable to read the terms and conditions for any specific fees related to activation or maintenance.


Gift cards offer a flexible and thoughtful way to give presents, ensuring that recipients get exactly what they want. Whether it’s for a tech-savvy friend, a movie buff, or a food lover, there’s a perfect gift card for everyone in Colombia. Choose from these top 10 gift cards to make your next gift-giving occasion special and hassle-free. 

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