RIDIMA: Best Gift Card Trading Platform In Nigeria Today, July 13, 2024.

Ridima Gift Card Trading Platform

Do you know that the Best Gift Card Trading Platform in Nigeria today is RIDIMA?

Yes! RIDIMA Gift Card Trading Platform is the hottest in town at the moment.

MyRidima.com is the top best place to trade all your gift cards Today, July 13, 2024.

We are new, hot, and blazing with high rates across all types of gift cards now.

At Ridima, High Rates and Instant Payment are our watchwords anytime, any day.

Also, we have so many exciting features available for you here on our platform.

Aside from gift card trading, we offer many other services on the RIDIMA Platform.

The 3 major ones include;

  • Gift Card Trading (Buying and Selling)
  • Airtime/Data and Bill Payment.
  • Virtual Dollar Cards.

These are a few of the features provided on the Ridima Platform. I will show you more; read on.

If you’re a gift card buyer or trader having issues with your previous or current exchange platform, now is the time to try this new exchange platform.

Ridima Gift Card Exchange Platform is the best place for YOU.

RIDIMA is the Best Gift Card Trading Platform in Nigeria today, 2023.

About Ridima – Best Gift Card Trading Platform

Ridima is a Gift Card Trading Platform built for Nigerians to trade all kinds of gift cards and get paid instantly.

This platform allows you to easily buy/sell Gift Cards, recharge Airtime/Data, and Pay Bills online.

Ridima was designed to appeal to the generation interested in greater freedom and flexibility in finance.

Excerpts from the Admin read, “What began as a one-man operation quickly evolved into a team of talented and dedicated individuals who are zealous about providing a personalized experience that helps our customers earn quick cash in an easy and stress-free way.”

“With instant trade confirmations and highest rates in the industry, out customer-inclined approach has helped us to become one of the leading gift card exchange websites in Nigeria.”

“We have developed a platform that is unique, transparent and seamless to ensure each and every one of our customers can sell their gift cards with confidence.”

RIDIMA is 100% legit and is worthy of note as the official gift card exchange platform in Nigeria 2023.

Apart from trading of gift cards, the platform allows you to purchase Airtime/Data, TV/Internet Cable Subscriptions, Pay Electricity Bills, etc.

We also offer a Virtual Dollar MasterCard to make online payments from any platform.

Our platform is a game-changer, and it was built to help you swiftly sell your gift cards for instant cash.

And yes, we’ve proven to be the only gift card trading platform today with other amazing features.

Things To Know When Choosing Ridima Trading Platform

Many have asked why Ridima? Here are five points to be aware of before choosing Ridima Today.

1. Easy To Setup: Ridima Trading Platform is simple to set up and start trading on the website and mobile app.

For quick and fast trading/transaction of your gift cards, we recommend using our mobile app and trading directly from the app.

All you have to do is install the application, register an account, and then begin trading right away.

2. Safe and Secured: Ridima is backed with top-level internet security.

This ensures that all transactions performed by all users are completely secured and safe on the platform.

3. Fast Transactions: Ridima offers quick confirmations of trade and immediate payments.

The Speed of transactions when trading on our platform is top-notch.

4. High Rates: Ridima offers the best rates on all gift cards with instant payment anytime, any day.

We provide trading of top gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria today.

5. Customer Service Support: Ridima Customer Support is available 24 hours a day to assist you and resolve any of your problems.

We are always available to assist, help you in trading, listen to your needs, and make you smile.

These are a few reasons why people prefer Ridima over other Trading platforms.

How To Sell Gift Cards on RIDIMA Platform

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sell gift cards for cash on our Platform.

First, create an account on the website or download our mobile app to get started.

We recommend that you trade your gift cards on the Ridima Mobile App.

Quickly click here to download the Mobile App.

Create an account on the app with your correct details, add your bank account details, and continue to set up your profile.

Then, follow the steps below to begin trading.

Step 1: Log into the app, click on the “TRADE GIFT CARDS” menu, and select “SELL GIFT CARDS.”

Step 2: Search for your preferred gift card or click to choose from any of the available listed gift card brands you would like to sell.

Step 3: Select the Currency of the gift card (USD, GBP, EUR), etc., and then choose the Card Type as Physical card, Ecode, Debit Receipt, Cash Receipt, or No Receipt.

Step 4: Proceed to choose the Card Value by selecting a sub-category, the card amount, and the number of card pieces you want to sell.

Step 5: After entering the following details, the Naira equivalent to get will be displayed, then click on the proceed button.

Step 6: Depending on the card type, quickly enter the E-code in the box, upload an image/picture of the card, and then continue.

Step 7: Confirm your card details and finally click on Sell Gift Card.

Quickly accept the terms to submit your trade and complete your card transactions.

Immediately after your gift card is confirmed, the cash equivalent will be paid into your wallet, and you can then withdraw to your bank account.


So many fraudulent gift card exchange platforms have been ripping people off their gift cards.

This is why RIDIMA has come to close the gap and safeguard the interests of people looking for where to trade their gift cards.

Indeed, there is nothing to worry about if you choose this exchange platform right now.

We are currently the most trusted and best Gift Card trading platform in Nigeria today.

Start trading all your Gift Cards on RIDIMA, and enjoy Peace of Mind.

Visit our website or download our app here to get started.

Happy Trading!

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