How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN Today, April 22, 2024.

Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN Today, April 22, 2024. MTN is the largest and leading telecommunication network in Nigeria and Africa. They have many users in Nigeria, Ghana, and other neighbouring countries in Africa which have about 240 million active subscribers altogether. Their services allow people — near and far —to connect via airtime or data. 

Airtime is a necessity as it helps to make calls, send messages, and subscribe to data plans for internet use. This means the lack of airtime limits how much you can do on your phone, especially in connecting with other users. 

To avoid being stranded, MTN introduced an airtime transfer service. It allows friends and family to share airtime as a gift with their loved ones. Also, in a situation where you are not able to recharge your line due to technical issues, you can contact a loved one to transfer airtime to you. That means you should never run out of airtime with this transfer service. 

Another great importance of airtime transfer is that you can sell your airtime to earn some cash reward for necessities or bill payments. By now, you will agree that airtime transfer is a top-notch necessity for MTN users.

MTN Share ‘N’ Sell is the service that allows users to transfer airtime to another MTN recipient. Both existing and new users, either prepaid or postpaid, can use this service. This content details important information you need to make a successful airtime transfer from one MTN line to another. Let’s see together. 

Requirements For MTN Share ‘N’ Sell Service

To get started, it is necessary to know the requirements for MTN airtime transfer. They include; 

The sender and recipient must be MTN users. 

MTN Share ‘N’ Sell is only available to MTN subscribers. This means Glo, 9mobile, or Airtel users cannot receive airtime from another MTN user. It is an exclusive service to only MTN subscribers. 

The need for an active MTN line

An active line refers to a subscriber who regularly makes calls, sends text messages, and also recharges their line. For MTN users, a line will be considered inactive if it does not do any of the just-mentioned activities within 180 days. It will be barred. However, some users can apply for an extension if they are unavailable for about a year or more. In other words, both the sender and recipient must have active lines to use the MTN Share ‘N’ Sell service.

The minimum transferable amount 

In a single transaction, the minimum transferable amount is #50, while the maximum amount is #5,000. Also, each MTN airtime transfer has its service charge. See the list below; 

  • #50 – #100: #3 
  • #101 – #500: #5 
  • #501 – #5,000: #10 

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN Line 

To transfer airtime, here is a step-by-step process;

  1. Dial MTN USSD code, *600* 
  2. Input the recipient’s number — the receiver of the airtime 
  3. Include the amount of airtime you want to transfer – #50 to #5,000. 
  4. Input your 4-digit PIN. Your default PIN is 0000. You can change it later for security purposes. 
  5. Go through every detail to ensure you are not sending airtime to the wrong person. 
  6. Add “#” at the end of the transfer PIN. 
  7. Press the send or the dial button to initiate the transaction. 

Alternatively, this is what sending 2000 airtime to 08131234567 will look like;


What Are the Safety Measures You Need For MTN Airtime Transfer? 

Always remember to observe the following safety measures when making your airtime transfer;

Protect your PIN  

There is a 4-digit PIN that authorises your transaction. If it is incorrect, you cannot transfer airtime. As the name implies, your Personal Identification Number (PIN) must be kept in your heart alone. Sharing it with another person can put your MTN line at risk of possible fraud. Also, it is not advisable to save the PIN on your phone. 

Guard your SIM Card 

In this age of improved user experience, your MTN SIM card can be a sufficient tool for fraudulent activities. It’s synonymous with your ATM cards in the bank as it can be used to send access funds in your bank account too. If your SIM is not in a phone, ensure you keep it safe from easy reach. 

Report Fraudulent Activities 

You should contact MTN customer support immediately, if you notice any suspicious activities on your account. While you are not hoping to be a victim, it is better to be safe than sorry. Block a stolen or misplaced line and retrieve it once you are ready to use the SIM again. 

Benefits of MTN Airtime Transfer 

Here are some of the benefits of MTN Airtime Transfer; 


You can transfer airtime to another MTN user within 2 to 5 seconds. This means minimal waiting time for the recipient. 


MTN network is the largest telecommunication network in Africa because of its widespread coverage. This means you can expect good network reception from the comfort of your home, office, or on the road. It is convenient to transfer airtime to another user. 


You can gift airtime to another user who is in dire need. The service is reliable such that the recipient needs no waiting time to receive and use the airtime. 

Trade for cash rewards 

Rather than get stranded, you can exchange your airtime for cash. Bank transfers may be unreliable, but MTN airtime transfers will not fail you. While selling your airtime, you may need to let go of some part of the value. That is, a 2,000 airtime will be valued at a lesser price. Choose your exchange platform carefully, and you will be good. 

In Summary; 

If you are using a smartphone, you can download the MTN app from Google Play Store or App Store to have a smoother experience. If you are using a basic phone, follow the process above, and you are good to go. Remember, do not share your PIN with anyone; stay safe always.

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