Cardtonic Vs Ridima: Best App To Sell Gift Cards

Best App To Sell Gift Cards

Cardtonic Vs Ridima: Best App To Sell Gift Cards. Gift cards are among the coolest gifts you can give anyone in this digital era. They can provide access to top-notch services like streaming music, grocery shopping, movies, and games. Also, if the holder is in Nigeria, they can trade their gift cards for Naira. 

While access to gift cards is smooth sailing in some countries, Nigeria is progressive with the ease of access and use of gift cards. However, reliable platforms like Ridima and Cardtonic are changing the game. 

In this article, I will compare the Cardtonic App with the Ridima App to show you the best place to sell gift cards. From my experience, Ridima leads the game. By the end of this article, you can compare and choose wisely. Follow closely. 

Cardtonic App 

Cardtonic is a big name in the Nigerian trading marketplace. They may have begun operations in 2016, and due to their strong online presence, they have connected with a lot of customers in a short space. The iOS review for the Cardtonic App is 4.3, while the rating on Google Play is 4.6. Here is a quick examination of the app; 

  1. No withdrawal fee 

One of the most attractive features of the Cardtonic app is that there is no fee for making a withdrawal. 

  1. No withdrawal limits 

Another interesting fact about using the Cardtonic app is that you can withdraw any amount that pleases you. However, it’s important to note that the only withdrawal limit can be from your bank, which means there might be some restrictions on the amount you can withdraw from the app itself. 

  1. Trade History 

The trade history feature allows users to monitor their transactions, so you are never in the dark about your gift card transactions. 

Pros of Cardtonic 

  • Great customer service 
  • No withdrawal limit 
  • Availability of trade history 

Cons of Cardtonic 

  • High Deposit fees
  • Too many in-app errors.

Ridima App

The Ridima App is renowned for its user-friendly interface and convenience. Once you’ve registered, setting up your Ridima account is a breeze. From there, you can swiftly complete any transaction, making your selling experience hassle-free. 

Another reason Ridima is the leading trading platform in Nigeria is its instant payment system. In no time, you will receive your money directly in your bank account—available for personal use. 

Similarly, the Ridima app allows you to pay bills, buy airtime, and make data subscriptions. Its wallet feature makes it easier to use. 

Features of The Ridima App 

  1. Wallet Feature 

The wallet feature is undoubtedly one of the best features of any financial app. It allows you to store money for any purpose, like withdrawing to a bank account, paying bills, and purchasing airtime or data. As of today, more FinTech apps are taking the cue from this development to improve their services. 

  1. Pay Bills 

Another unique feature of the Ridima App is the ability to pay bills. This means you don’t have to log out of the Ridima app to pay your electricity, DSTV, or other types of bills. After trading your gift card, you will be credited to your wallet, and you can use the money to sort out your bills. Also, it is always instant. 

  1. Airtime and Data 

Buying airtime and data can be difficult, especially when traditional banks are experiencing some technical challenges. With Ridima, there is no interruption. You can purchase airtime or data for yourself or another user. 

  1. Buy and Sell Gift Cards 

Ridima is a wholesome trading platform that allows customers to buy and sell gift cards. Even if you want to gift someone in another country, you can buy gift cards on the Ridima app and share the digital card format with them. It gets more interesting because Ridima has a large library of gift cards from which you can choose, including popular brands like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix. You will love it. 

Pros of Ridima 

  • Access to the wallet feature 
  • Ability to purchase airtime and data 
  • Customers can buy and sell gift cards 
  • The app can be used to pay bills 
  • Instant payment and seamless transaction

Cons of Ridima 

  • Doesn’t convert airtime to cash. 


Considering the comprehensive features outlined above, it’s clear that Ridima stands out as the best trading platform for gift cards. It’s no surprise that trusted platforms consistently recognise Ridima as the most dependable gift card trading platform. Join the best! Start trading with Ridima today. 

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