Bitcoin to Naira: Best App to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Best App to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Recently, it’s becoming difficult to buy or sell crypto in Nigeria due to the government’s crackdown on p2p platforms. Nevertheless, if you want to convert your bitcoin to naira, there are still some reliable apps you can use to do that effortlessly.  

Currently, Koyn is the best app for selling bitcoin in Nigeria today July 13, 2024. You can easily sell your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the app and get paid instantly. It’s currently available on the google play store. 

Koyn has been featured by Nigeria’s most prominent news platforms as the best app to sell bitcoin in Nigeria. Platforms like techcabal, techpoint, punch, pulse, vanguard and many more consider koyn to be the latest, easiest and the overall best app to sell bitcoin in Nigeria. 

Why koyn is the best app to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

The simple answer is that Koyn is just super easy to use. I downloaded the app and within 5 minutes, I was able to sell my $50 bitcoin and withdraw the money without any form of delay. 

Here are some of the features that might make you switch to the koyn app:

  • Zero Fees: Koyn does not charge any fee when you want to sell your bitcoin on the app. It’s one hundred percent free of charge.
  • Customer support: Koyn has the nicest customer support staff out there and they are available 24/7 to attend to all your queries. Their customer support personnels are super nice and friendly.
  • Good Rates: One thing that stands out about koyn is the fact that they offer the best rate for your bitcoin in Nigeria. Be rest assured that the rate you will get on the app is the highest rate possible. 
  • Security: Koyn uses the best form of security to protect users data and funds. Be rest assured that your account is super safe and secure

How to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria on the Koyn app

Now, let’s look at how to sell your bitcoin in Nigeria on the koyn app. Honestly, it’s super easy and  simple: 

  1. Register: Download the koyn app and register
  2. Add bank details: Add your bank details to the koyn app so you can withdraw your money immediately the transaction is complete.
  3. Sell Bitcoin: Go to the wallet section and copy your bitcoin address. This is where you will send the bitcoin you want to sell and it will be converted to naira for you at the rate displayed on the screen.
  4. Transfer bitcoin: Transfer your bitcoin from any exchange or crypto wallet to your koyn bitcoin address. 
  5. Withdraw your cash: After transferring the bitcoin you want to sell to your koyn bitcoin address, open the koyn app and check your naira wallet for the naira equivalent of the bitcoin you sent. You can now withdraw your money and enjoy yourself. 


If you’re looking for the best app to sell bitcoin in Nigeria today July 13, 2024, koyn app is all you need. It’s the best and most reliable app for selling bitcoin in Nigeria. Download it from google play store and see for yourself. 

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