$500 Razer Gold Gift Card To Naira Today, April 22, 2024.

$500 Razer Gold Giftcard to Naira

To convert your $500 Razer Gold Gift Card To Naira, simply follow the procedures below. You can sell your $500 razer gold gift card for about #5500,000 – #600,000 only on myridima.com.

myridima is the most reliable platform to sell giftcards in Nigeria based on reviews by thousands of customers all over Nigeria.

Ridima has be know to pay customers instantly without any form of delay.

We left the rate at #550,000 – #600,000 due to the fact that giftcard rates fluctuates with respect to demand and supply but be rest assured that you will get the best rate in Nigeria only on myridima.

We pride ourselves with the fact that our platform has been vetted by external bodies and confirmed as the most secure gift card platform in Nigeria.

This article is just for $500 Razer gold card to naira.

Highest RazerGold Gift card Rates in Nigeria Today, April 22, 2024.

Gift card rates are constantly changing but you can always see the current rate of any gift card here.

As of Today, April 22, 2024, this is the best rate for Razer Gold gift cards in Nigeria.

  1. $10 RazerGold card: ₦6,500 – ₦8,500
  2. $20 RazerGold card: ₦13,000 – ₦17,000
  3. $50 RazerGold card: ₦32,000 – ₦42,500
  4. $100 RazerGold card: ₦85,000 – ₦100,000
  5. $200 RazerGold card: ₦170,000 – ₦200,000
  6. $300 RazerGold card: ₦255,000 – ₦300,000
  7. $500 RazerGold card: #450,000 – #500,000

How To Trade Your $500 Razer Gold Gift Card On MyRidima

  1. Create an account via our website or mobile app.
  2. Download the Ridima Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  3. Register and set up your account profile.
  4. Optionally, verify your BVN for added security.
  5. Add your bank account details for easy fund withdrawal.
  6. Click “TRADE GIFT CARDS” and select “SELL GIFT CARDS.”
  7. Search for Razer Gold gift card.
  8. Specify the currency and card type (Physical card, Ecode, Receipt, etc.).
  9. Enter card details: sub-category, value, and amount.
  10. Review the cash payout in Naira and proceed.
  11. Verify the gift card by entering the Ecode or uploading a photo.
  12. Confirm the transaction and receive instant cash in your account wallet for withdrawal.

Start trading gift cards with ease on our platform today! For any queries, feel free to contact us. Happy trading!

What is Razer Gold?

Razer Gold is a virtual credit system and digital payment platform introduced by the renowned gaming hardware and software company, Razer Inc. It serves as a bridge between gamers, entertainment enthusiasts, and a wealth of online content.

Razer Gold Gift Cards: The Basics

Razer Gold gift cards are digital vouchers or prepaid cards that grant you access to a specific monetary value within the Razer Gold ecosystem. These cards can be redeemed on the Razer Gold platform, and the credited value can be used for various digital transactions, including:

  1. Game Purchases: You can use Razer Gold credits to acquire digital copies of games, expansion packs, and downloadable content (DLC) from supported game stores.
  2. In-Game Purchases: Many online games accept Razer Gold as a payment method for in-game items, cosmetics, virtual currency, and subscriptions.
  3. Entertainment Services: Razer Gold can also be used to subscribe to streaming services, purchase e-books, or access other digital entertainment content.
  4. Gifts and Virtual Goods: Some online platforms offer virtual gift cards or virtual goods that you can purchase with Razer Gold credits and send to others.

How Razer Gold Gift Cards Work

Using Razer Gold gift cards is a straightforward process:

  1. Acquire a Gift Card: You can purchase Razer Gold gift cards online or from authorized retailers. They are available in various denominations, allowing you to choose the value that suits your needs.
  2. Redeem the Code: Scratch the protective coating on the back of the gift card to reveal the redemption code. Then, visit the Razer Gold website and log in to your Razer Gold account. Enter the code to add the credited value to your account.
  3. Start Spending: Once your Razer Gold credits are loaded, you can use them to make purchases across the supported gaming and entertainment platforms.

Why Choose Razer Gold?

Razer Gold offers several advantages to users:

  • Convenience: Razer Gold eliminates the need for traditional payment methods, providing a hassle-free way to make digital purchases.
  • Widespread Acceptance: Many popular gaming platforms and online stores accept Razer Gold, making it a versatile and widely-accepted digital currency.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Razer Gold often offers promotions, discounts, and exclusive rewards, allowing users to stretch their digital budgets further.


Razer Gold gift cards open the door to a world of digital possibilities. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer, a streaming enthusiast, or simply looking to expand your online entertainment horizons, Razer Gold provides a secure and efficient means to do so.

So, dive into the realm of Razer Gold and start unlocking the value of these virtual gift cards to elevate your digital experiences. With a wide range of supported platforms and exciting offers, there’s no limit to the adventures you can embark on in the virtual world.

FAQs on Selling $500 Razer Gold Gift Cards in Nigeria

Q1. Can I sell my Razer Gold gift card for Naira?

A1. Yes, there are several platforms and online marketplaces where you can sell your razer gold gift cards for Naira.

Q2. What information do I need to provide when selling my Razer Gold gift card?

A2. Typically, you’ll need to provide the gift card code and the value of the card.

Q3. How can I ensure the security of my Razer Gold gift card when selling it?

A3. Prioritize reputable platforms like myridima.com with a proven track record of successful gift card transactions.

Q4. How much can i sell $100 Razer Gold Gift Card in Nigeria Today, April 22, 2024?

A4. You can sell your $100 razer gold gift card for #85,000 – #100,000 only on myridima.com

Q5. How much can i sell $500 razer gold Gift Card in NigeriaToday, April 22, 2024?

A5. You can sell your $500 Razer Gold gift card for #450,000 – #500,000 only on myridima.com


gift card is also known as a gift certificate in North America, or gift voucher or gift token in the UK is a prepaid stored-value money card, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses.

Gift cards are also given out by employers or organizations as rewards or gifts.

They may also be distributed by retailers and marketers as part of a promotion strategy, to entice the recipient to come in or return to the store, and at times such cards are called cash cards.

Gift cards are generally redeemable only for purchases at the relevant retail premises and cannot be cashed out, and in some situations may be subject to an expiry date or fees. 

American ExpressMasterCard, and Visa offer generic gift cards that need not be redeemed at particular stores, which are widely used for cashback marketing strategies.

A feature of these cards is that they are generally anonymous and are disposed of when the stored value on a card is exhausted.

From the purchaser’s point of view, a gift card is a gift, given in place of an object which the recipient may not need, when the giving of cash as a present may be regarded as socially inappropriate.

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