10 Gift Cards You Can Buy At A Walmart Store 

10 Gift Cards You Can Buy At A Walmart Store 

Gift cards can be great physical and digital assets for saving money. They can also be the perfect gift for a friend or family member on their special occasions. Once the gift card is loaded, the owner can make as many purchases as their gift card balance allows. 

Despite the obvious benefits of gift cards, many people have been victims of buying scams. Hence, it is advisable to buy your gift cards from reliable platforms like Walmart, MyRidima, and even convenience stores. However, the big question is, “Can I get all the gift cards I want from a Walmart store?”

While Ridima offers an array of gift card options, you may not find all the options you desire at a Walmart. However, to ensure your convenience, I have curated ten gift cards that you can easily find at a Walmart store. Keep reading to learn more about Walmart and get answers to some frequently asked questions you may have. 

What is a Walmart Store? 

Walmart began operations in 1962 and has grown to become one of the largest retail stores in the world. According to its founder, Sam Walton, Walmart’s purpose is to provide easy access to desired items for consumers across different countries.

Today, Walmart is one of the leading stores for numerous shoppers. It is the perfect spot to buy basic groceries, household items, clothing, toys, electronics, and gift cards. Summarily, you can find almost anything you want in a Walmart store. 

To provide quality services to different people, Walmart currently operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, and many more. Its website is an online marketplace that allows shoppers to make purchases from the comfort of their homes, offices, or while in transit. This means you can also buy gift cards from Walmart’s online marketplace, making it even more convenient for you. 

Walmart remains a go-to location for interested shoppers worldwide. Now, let us examine the gift cards you can buy at Walmart. 

Top 10 Gift Cards You Can Buy At Walmart

As stated earlier, Walmart can be a great destination for gift cards. Nevertheless, you will likely get some gift cards more than others. In this section, we examine the top ten gift cards you can buy at Walmart. See the list below;

  1. Walmart gift card 
  2. AMEX gift card
  3. iTunes gift card
  4. Vanilla gift card 
  5. Google Play gift card 
  6. Roblox gift card
  7. Spotify gift card 
  8. Xbox gift card
  9. Uber gift card
  10. Netflix gift card 

Let us get more details on these gift cards. 

  1. Walmart Gift Card

Without any doubt, you will get a Walmart gift card from the store. The gift card allows you to buy items from Walmart. It is a valid means of payment for both in-store and online purchases. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, Walmart does have a refund policy for gift cards. The gift card ranges from $10 to $500 to buy as many items as possible. 

  1. AMEX Gift Card 

Another gift card option is the American Express (AMEX) gift card, which you can get in a Walmart store. The gift card is open-loop, which means it is generally accepted anywhere American Express is a valid payment option. 

AMEX gift cards are versatile payment options for dining, shopping, and travel expenses. Many people use them because they are flexible and convenient. 

  1. iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift cards are another common choice in Walmart. You can redeem the gift card on the App Store, iTunes Store, and other Apple digital platforms. With the card, you can access entertaining content like movies, music, and paid apps. Finally, you can use it for other in-app purchases within Apple. 

  1. Vanilla Gift Card 

Vanilla gift card is another type of gift card available at Walmart. It is an open-loop card, which means it is generally accepted anywhere Visa payments are accepted. This makes it a versatile gift card that can be used for various transactions and purchases. For security reasons, it is advisable to register your newly purchased Vanilla gift card

  1. Google Play Gift Card 

The functionalities of the Google Play gift card are similar to those of the iTunes gift card. However, the Google Play gift card provides access to a library of digital content on your Android device via the Google Play Store. 

Also, the gift cards are available in different denominations. You can purchase as many as you want to enjoy unrestricted access. 

  1. Roblox Gift Card

Roblox gift cards are perfect for game lovers. The gift card allows holders to buy Robux or Roblox Premium gift cards for easy upgrades and other in-game purchases. 

The card allows you to have a top-notch gaming experience. It is a perfect gift for children and young adults. You can walk into a Walmart store to get your Roblox gift card. 

  1. Spotify Gift Card 

Walmart has a Spotify gift card for music lovers. You can access millions of songs, playlists, and podcasts on the platform. As a premium user, you will be able to enjoy music or podcasts without any interruptions from ads. Redeem your gift card to enjoy Spotify Premium. 

  1. Xbox Gift Card

An Xbox gift card is another gift for game lovers. It provides access to a library of entertainment, games, and a Microsoft Store. Similarly, you can use the Xbox gift card to purchase movies, apps, and other digital items from the Microsoft Store on Windows devices or Xbox consoles. 

  1. Uber Gift Card

Uber is growing and becoming a popular means of transportation. They also help with deliveries. You can walk into any Walmart store to get your Uber gift card for easy transportation and exclusive dining services. 

  1. Netflix Gift Card 

Take your movie nights to another level with a Netflix gift card. You can easily pay for your subscription to enjoy a seamless streaming experience of your favourite TV series and movies. Get your Netflix gift card from Walmart today to enjoy unlimited entertainment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards at Walmart 

Question 1: Does Walmart sell all kinds of gift cards? 

Yes, they do. However, because of popular demand, some gift cards are more readily available at Walmart. These include Walmart gift cards, AMEX gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Vanilla gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Roblox gift cards, Spotify gift cards, Xbox gift cards, Uber gift cards, and Netflix gift cards. 

Question 2: Does Walmart sell prepaid gift cards? 

Walmart sells prepaid gift cards, too. These include Vanilla, Visa, AMEX, and Mastercard. 

Question 3: Can I buy an Amazon gift card at Walmart? 

No. Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards because Amazon is a direct competitor. 

Question 4: Can I trust gift cards at Walmart? 

Rest assured, Walmart stores are trusted platforms, and you can confidently rely on any gift card from their stores. 

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